Best Way To Sell An Old Car

If your old car still runs and you have the title, you may have a few options for selling the car other than junking it. Factors such as mileage, condition and how well you’ve maintained your car, truck or SUV, will dictate the price you’ll receive whether you sell it or trade it in.

Sell Your Car Instantly Online

Sites like Peddle, We Pay The Max and Carvana will purchase your vehicle through their online platform. It’s as simple as answering a few questions, providing the make, model, year and condition of the vehicle. You’ll quickly receive a no-obligation offer that you can accept of reject. As long as the site you choose is reputable, this type of sale is faster than posting car for sale ads and dealing with strangers possibly interested in your car.

Will A Dealership Accept My Old Car As A Trade In

Selling your car online may not appeal to you. If you’re in the market for a new or preowned car, you may want to see what the dealership will offer for your old car. That amount can then be applied towards the purchase of your next vehicle from them. Again, the trade-in amount is relative to the year and condition of the vehicle you want to trade in. In some markets, even the make and model can positively or negatively affect your trade-in offer. Don’t get insulted if they offer a lower than expected price, dealerships have to sell the vehicles they purchase on trade-ins but many are open to some negotiation.

Dealerships like Carmax will accept trade-ins on the preowned vehicles they sell. One unique feature is that even if you don’t buy from them, they will buy your old car. You’re under no obligation to trade your car or truck in just as you are under no obligation to take the purchase offer if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Selling Your Car To A Private Party

Another option is to market your car privately, meaning you are looking for a new person to buy your car directly from you. This type of transaction often nets a higher sale price than trading your old car in or selling it to a dealer. Before listing your car for sale, you’ll need to honestly assess its condition and get it prepared for sale.

In order to maximize your return, you’ll want to detail the car and make sure it’s running at its best. Next, you’ll have to create a listing that grabs potential buyers attention. During this process, it’s beneficial to field all calls and be available for potential buyers that have expressed interest in viewing the car. Finally, make sure your private-party vehicle transaction is safe and legal.

How To Get Rid of Car That Doesn’t Run

Sometimes, we hold on to our beloved cars too long and they stop running or are so old and rundown that they aren’t worth much as a trade-in or private party sale. When this happens, instead of letting the car sit and continue to degrade, contact a junk car buyer. They’ll make an offer and many times, arrange to pick up the junk car. As with any transaction, do your research to ensure that the salvage yard buying your old car is reputable and properly licensed. If you have received an offer and they drop that offer at the time of the sale, then you may want to look for another junkyard to deal with.

Sell Your Old Car To A Reputable Salvage Yard

Gardner Auto Parts has been in the auto salvage business for over 50 years, serving customers throughout Broward County as well as South Florida. They will buy your old vehicle or junk car regardless of its condition. You can get a fast offer online by completing the Sell Your Car form.

If your old car is still in running condition and is registered and insured, visit our junkyard and auto parts store for your offer. You can find us at 2090 NW 21st Street in Pompano Beach, Florida, just south of Copans Road on the east side of the road. For questions about our used car buying process, please contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff at 954-972-9407.

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