Pros Of Buying Auto Parts From Salvage Yards

Junkyards are a great solution for when you have to fix your car on a budget. Used car parts are much more affordable than buying new OEM or aftermarket parts. Often, the parts you’ll find in junkyards are OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. This means that the part is sure to fit and won’t void any existing warranties you may have on your vehicle.

They are also a good bet for locating those discontinued and hard-to-find parts for older cars, trucks and SUVs. Once vehicles get passed a certain age, parts are often discontinued and new ones still in stock can become pricey. To avoid paying excessively high costs for replacement parts for your older car, truck or SUV, check out your local salvage yard. You may also find barely used parts in newer, low mileage vehicles and they’ll still be priced lower than new parts.

Cons Of Buying Auto Parts From Salvage Yards

While parts at a traditional junkyard may be more affordable than buying new, you have to consider the effort that you’ll go through to save a few bucks. Most traditional junkyards have rows and rows of vehicles for you to look through yourself. After you’ve paid your entry fee, you’ll have to walk all of those rows of salvaged vehicles in an open field or sandy lot, lugging your tools. It can be extremely hot out and take hours to locate a vehicle that hasn’t already had the part you need removed. It is exhausting just to find what you need. And if you do get lucky and find your part, now you get to do more work to remove it.

Having to remove the needed parts yourself can be both time-consuming and hard. Bolts rust and freeze, making parts difficult to remove. The part you need may require a specific wrench or other special tool you don’t have with you. Removing car parts yourself also increases the risk of breaking the part before you even purchase it. There seems to be a lot involved in a junkyard visit just to save some money on auto repairs.

Buying Used Car Parts from U Pull & Pay Junkyards

If you’ve made it through the tedious process of packing up your tools, driving to the junkyard, paying an entrance fee, walking the junkyard looking for the right vehicle, and actually finding the part that you need, you’ll have to remove it yourself. With your part in your hand, there’s still the walk back to the cashier carrying your tools and found car parts. You’ll pay a much more affordable price for the used part than a new one, but how much money did you actually save if you had to do all the work yourself? What if you need multiple parts? You might spend half the day or more just hunting for parts.

After you pay for the parts, you’ll take them home to install them. There’s still the chance that all that time and work was for nothing if the parts don’t work. Junkyard parts are typically sold “as-is” meaning, you’re stuck with a part that doesn’t work. Now, you’ve lost money on an entrance fee, parts purchase, time spent and you still don’t have your vehicle repaired.

Is Buying Used Car Parts from a Salvage Yard Worth It?

Well, that depends on the type of junkyard you choose to buy from. At Pick Your Part type yards, you could easily waste hours searching the junkyard just to leave empty handed. Some yards have an inventory list of vehicles in stock. That can cut your search time down but you’ll still have to walk out to check if the part you need is in the vehicle still. If you have a common vehicle, it may be easy to locate parts. Or they could be well picked over by the time you get there. Buying from junkyards can be a gamble. Do they have the right car, truck or SUV? Is the necessary part available? Will it be in good working condition once installed? The answer isn’t always clear. However, if everything works out smoothly for your junkyard visit, you could potentially save quite a bit of money on repairs, parts and car accessories. But there’s an easier way to get used car parts at an affordable price.

Find a Full-Service Junkyard for Replacement Car Parts

For some car enthusiasts, visiting junkyards and hunting for parts and accessories is enjoyable. Drivers who need their car fixed right away may not have the time to search junkyards. If you can do your own repairs but need your daily driver back on the road fast yet affordably, a full-service junkyard is what you should look for. No entrance fee and no tools needed. They streamline the process by having parts pulled and inventoried, ready for you to purchase and install. Some may even offer limited warranties on the used parts they sell.

Used Auto Parts From A Trusted Salvage Yard

Gardner Auto Parts operates a full-service salvage yard and auto parts store in Broward County, Florida. They make it easy to get quality used parts without the work or entrance fees. All parts have already been removed, cleaned and inspected by in-house salvage mechanics. Every part is in their computerized inventory system and can be found easily upon request. Each part sold is backed by a 90-day warranty.

Let us save you time and money on the parts and accessories you need for your foreign import car, truck, van or SUV. Give our friendly, knowledgeable staff a call at 954-972-9407 or stop by our shop at 2090 NW 21st Street in Pompano Beach, Florida, just south of Copans Road on the east side of the road. For your convenience, you can also browse our online inventory. Shipping is available nationwide.

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