My Old Junk Car Still Has Gas And Motor Oil In It

You’ve made a decision to sell your old car to a local, reputable salvage yard. You know it’s still full of all kinds of engine fluids like gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil and more. At one time, these fluids were needed for the car, truck or van to operate properly. But now, it’s just been sitting inoperable for months or even years with all fluids still in ample supply and you’re wondering if you need to remove these fluids yourself.

The short answer is, no.

Is Draining the Fluid In My Old Car or Truck Needed to Complete The Sale?

It is incredibly rare to find a professional junk car buyer who requires that the owner selling the car to remove all of the engine fluids themselves prior to the sale. If you find a junk car buyer or a salvage yard that is asking you to do all the dirty work, please find another buyer or business to sell your old car to, with all fluids intact. Even if you are skilled at removing engine fluids, most junk yards are trained to handle these hazardous fluids and work with recyclers to protect the environment from spills or illegal dumping. If you are unsure of what the buyer will do will this dangerous fluids, just ask them prior to finalizing your sale and car pickup.

A Few Good Reasons Not To Drain Your Junk Cars Engine Fluids

There are several reasons why you should not drain your vehicles fluid prior to a junk car sale.

Draining a vehicle’s motor oil tends to be a simple process but removing fluids like gasoline, diesel or antifreeze is difficult. Handling these fluids can be dangerous for both people and the environment. Some car owners may even opt to mouth-siphon the gas and other fluids from the junk car posing an even greater threat than just a spill.

Salvage mechanics do this for a living and can complete a car’s fluid removal faster and safely once back at the salvage yard. Most importantly, junkyards the perform fluid removal often work with recyclers and are certified to handle these hazardous fluids and chemicals. This keeps old car fluids out of landfills and out of the environment.

Things To Do Before Your Junk Car Is Picked Up

While its not advised to remove the fluids from your junk car, there are a few things you do need to remember to remove. Take your license plates off if you haven’t already. Most states require that your state issued tags be returned. Check to make sure you have the original title in hand and that you’ve canceled the car insurance. Remove any important paperwork from the glove compartment especially if it has your name and address on it. If you have any valuable aftermarket parts on your vehicle, you may want to consider removing them for use later or to sell on your own.

Don’t forget to look in the trunk, console, seat pockets, and any other storage compartment for your personal belongings. Check under seats and anywhere else you, kids or other passengers could stash items. Once the car is gone, your belongings will be gone too.

Sell Your Old Car to a Trusted Salvage Yard in South Florida

Gardner Auto Parts has been in the salvage yard business for over 50 years. In addition to selling quality used parts, they also buy old used or junk cars from the local community. You can easily find out what your old junker is worth by filling out the Sell Your Car form online. Once your car, truck or SUV is picked up and delivered to their yard, their in-house salvage mechanics will perform the necessary fluid removal process, ensuring that all fluids are handled and processed properly.

Our junkyard buys non-running or wrecked European and Japanese cars, trucks, vans and SUVS at our salvage yard. Please contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff at 954-972-9407. If you’re local, we’d love for you to stop by our junkyard and auto parts store at 2090 NW 21st Street in Pompano Beach, Florida, just south of Copans Road on the east side of the road.

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