Should I Buy A Used Transmission for my Vehicle?

When your vehicle’s transmission breaks, there are only a few options to getting it back on the road. You could have it repaired which would replace only the damaged parts. A transmission shop could rebuild it for you. But the affordable and quickest option, would be purchasing a used transmission from a junkyard or full-service salvage yard.

Benefits Of Buying Used Transmissions From A Salvage Yard

You can take your chances buying a used transmission from a private seller who may or may not be trustworthy. Or you can find a reputable salvage yard that stands behind their used car parts and purchase a replacement transmission with confidence. Some used transmission dealers will back your purchase with a warranty or guarantee so if it ends up being defective, you’ll receive an exchange or refund.

Buying a used replacement transmission is also the most affordable option to get your car, truck, van or SUV back on the road fast. The out-of-pocket expense is often a lot less than you would spend on a new or remanufactured transmission. Salvage yards will also stock transmissions for older model vehicles.

Where Can I Buy A Used Transmission?

If you prefer shopping in person, or at least speaking on the phone with a live person, you can easily locate a local junkyard to buy a used transmission from. The options range from junkyards where you pull the transmission yourself to full-service salvage yards that have already pulled, cleaned and inspected the used transmission, as well as other auto parts. As with any purchase, take the extra steps to confirm that the salvage yard you choose is properly licensed and reputable.

Used Manual Or Automatic Transmission Replacements

When shopping salvage yard transmissions, it’s not only important to know what make, model and year your car is but also the type of transmission you need. Many newer cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs have automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions are most commonly found in sports cars and older vehicles. Be sure to specify which transmission you need. It is also helpful to know if a variety of years of that same make and model will work seamlessly with your car. If your vehicle came equipped with a CVT or continuously variable transmission, be sure to mention that when shopping around.

Buy Used Transmissions Online

Finding a recycled transmission can be a simple as a quick online search. Results will often show junkyards with online inventory. Online salvage yards offer shipping and provide a warranty on purchased transmissions. This makes price comparisons quick and saves you the trouble of driving around to local junkyards looking for what you need. Shopping online is a great option for car owners whose parts are difficult to locate.

Whether you choose to buy a transmission online or locally, always verify that the used car parts dealer is properly licensed and accredited. A quick look at a salvage yard’s online customer reviews will also reveal how customers feel about the business you are considering purchasing from.

Buy Quality Transmissions From A Trusted Salvage Yard

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