Old Vehicle Issues Worth Fixing

You may have bought your current car, truck, minivan or SUV brand new and you loved it. Now that it’s older, you might not love it so much. Some days, it runs great, other days you’re afraid it’s going to leave you stranded. New cars are quite expensive lately and like many of us, a downpayment and a monthly installment loan just isn’t in the budget. Maybe repairs aren’t in the budget either. But don’t stress, there are some options to keep your old car running well!

If you are handy at all or know an affordable, reliable mechanic, you’re old car or truck can remain in excellent running condition if you take care of it. New parts can be costly but used auto parts from your local salvage yard can keep your car running longer at a more affordable price.

Why Is My Car Overheating While Driving?

Lately, you’ve noticed your car’s temperature gauge reading hotter than normal. You may even hear the coolant hissing or smell the engine overheating. First, stop driving the car so you don’t cause further damage. Many overheating issues can be solved quite easily. Some common causes are a leak in a radiator, water pump, hoses or head gasket. Affordable radiators, water pumps and head gaskets can be found at the junkyard for replacing yourself. Sometimes, it’s just a blocked radiator or hose and a simple flush will clear it and stop the overheating. If you’re unsure of what’s causing the overheating, bring your car to a reliable mechanic to be diagnosed properly before you cause further damage.

Can You Drive With A Cracked Windshield?< /h4>

Windshield cracks and chips happen just from daily driving. Rocks and other debris can bounce and hit your windshield. But, don’t ignore your vehicle’s damaged windshield and definitely don’t drive with it cracked or broken.. Even the tiniest crack in your windshield could cause vision issues while driving. A small crack may seem like only a cosmetic flaw that can be ignored but it can compromise the integrity of the windshield itself and ultimately, the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Replacing your broken windshield doesn’t have to break the bank if you buy used auto glass from a reputable salvage yard. If you can’t do the glass swap yourself, they may even recommend a reliable auto glass repair shop to remove the old windshield and install the used one you’ve purchased.

Is Replacing My Transmission Worth It?

Unfortunately, transmission trouble is a very common complaint among car owners, especially older vehicles. Maybe it’s your daily driver or your work truck that is having transmission issues. Many car, truck, van and SUV owners tend to ignore transmission leaks, slips, clunks or whines. They won’t go away if you ignore them, eventually the gears wear down and the transmission will overheat, lose pressure and fail.

You need a car to get around but due to a strict budget, a new car is not an option and neither is a brand new transmission. Before you think you’re out of options, check with your local and online salvage yards for quality used transmissions. Often, a donor car has been wrecked but parts like the transmission are untouched and can be easily installed in your own vehicle by you or a reliable mechanic. You’ll be back on the road quickly without a costly repair bill.

Automotive Emission System Problems

Your vehicle’s emission control system helps minimize automotive pollution but the sensors are sensitive and prone to problems. The EVAP system also keeps your car, truck or SUV running efficiently. If your air filter hasn’t been changed, this is a good place to start. Next, you’ll want to check for broken or clogged hoses for the PCV and EVAP systems. Check the EGR system for damaged vacuum hoses or restricted passages.

If you don’t find anything that needs replacing, it may be faulty sensors. To identify emission control components on your vehicle, consult your service manual or a reputable mechanic who can help diagnosis why your vehicle isn’t running as efficiently. For replacement parts such as sensors and hoses, you can find affordable used emission control system parts at junk yards both locally and online.

Repair Your Older Vehicle With Used Auto Parts From A Trusted Salvage Yard

Gardner Auto Parts has been helping car owners keep their European and Japanese import vehicles maintained and repaired for over 50 years. With decades of automotive experience, their knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions about common car problems. Give them a call at 954-972-9407 or visit their junkyard and auto parts store at 2090 NW 21st Street in Pompano Beach, Florida, just south of Copans Road on the east side of the road.

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